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Revolutionize Real-Time Face Analysis with Next-Generation AI and Computer Vision Technology

What do we offer?

Age and Gender Estimation

Accurately estimate age and gender for enhanced user experiences and targeted marketing.


Facial Landmark Detection

Discover instant insights with our advanced AI-powered facial detection technology for precise analysis.


Advanced Face Detection

HomeM Digital leads in high-tech face detection analysis, using modern Artificial Intelligence technology for precise verification of users and excellent safety features within different environments.

Integrated Solutions

Integrates well with ATS, HRMS, and calendar platforms for coherent operations and perfect data synchronization.

Easy to user-interface

Intuitive chatbot builder simplifies face detection management, letting your business focus on what's important.

AI-Powered Accuracy

Facial detection accuracy and security are incomparable, unmatched within the industry by our tools.

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What client says about us

Get Inspired - Real Customer Testimonials About how our advanced AI Face Analysis Technology Has Re imagined Businesses and delivered unparalleled accuracy and efficiency with user experience.

Emily R
This is where we rely on this technology for user verification, and now, more than ever, single-frame detection has been super convenient.
- Operations Lead
Jane D
Age and gender estimation capabilities provide valuable insight to enable effective targeting. It's just amazing.
- Marketing Director
Sarah L
The single-frame mask detection feature is instrumental in maintaining security and health protocol compliance. We couldn't ask for more in a solution.
- Security Manager

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about AI solutions in estimation to facial detection and recognition.

Our face detection technology is very accurate and gives reliable results across a wide range of lighting conditions and environments.

Our emotion recognition is powered by advanced facial expression analysis that authorizes nuanced insight into the emotions of users for interaction experiences.

Yes, our software enables mask detection for security compliance and safety protocols.

Yes. User privacy is dear to us, and we strictly adhere to the highest standards of protection of personal data.

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